Reberuh Mekusul

Reberuh Mekusul means “fallen deep river” in which it is the deep part of the river in Long Pasia Village which is believed to be occupied by a spirit. It was so named because any wild animal that fell into it would submerge and later resurfaced with only the animal’s lungs. The old folks in Long Pasia Village believed that the animals were eaten by the spirit concerned. However, when the villagers started embracing religion and the teachings, the said spirit in the form of a dragon-like snake had since disappeared. Before this, the spirit often appeared in different forms and in different ways.

Entrance to Reberuh Mekusul

Reberuh Mekusul

Camping Ground

Camping Ground

Seruang Mekusul

Seruang Mekusul

Crocodile, Gong & Serpent mount by soil,
Dagger made from natural wood from the forest and resting hut

Historical Site


6 responses to this post.

  1. cantikkan,…….


  2. Posted by shoib omar on March 7, 2012 at 4:51 am

    macam mana nak berkhemah disana…
    bayaran dan kemudahan asas…
    pls xplain…


  3. kemudahan asas di sini terdapat sebuah pondok tandas, camping ground, air sungai pasia sahaja.


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