Places of Interest

NoohDawaEncik Nooh Bin Dawa (King of the Jungle)
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1. Long Pasia Homestay
2. Taman Kerangas
3. Reberuh Mekusul
*Crocodile mound by soil *Serpent mound by soil
*Gong mound by soil *Snake mound by soil *Camping Area

4. Maga Waterfall Exploration ~ 4D3N
*Burial Site Upai Semaring’s Child *Dining Site Upai Semaring
*Bamboo Stems of Upai Semaring *Rock Shelter of Upai Semaring
*Bat Cave of Upai Semaring *Upai Semaring Footprint
*Maga Waterfalls *Maga Campsite *Maga Nature Garden

5. Sinipung Hill Exploration ~ 4D3N
*Sinipung Lake *Sinipung Lookout Point
*Kerangas Nepenthes / Pitcher Plants
*Rekong Waterfalls *Sinipung Campsite

6. Fefuken Waterfall & Matang River Trip Exploration ~ 5D4N
*River trip in traditional long boat *Fefuken Waterfall
*Crocodile Mound *Historical Stone Monument
*Burial Site ( Tang Peu Long Midang ) *Carved Rock of Upai Semaring (Batu Narit)
*Kerangas Forest


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lisa on July 24, 2009 at 2:56 am


    could you please give me more information about the homestay? because i`ve been doing a servay for my class FZ20302(UMS) to do some research especially about medicinal plants. i want to know more about the facilities,rates,accomodation & the activities.

    P/s: do you receive 80 person for 1 trips..?thank you so much!


  2. Posted by Jonas on June 2, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    Hello, I’m looking for some real treks and have a few questions about the 4D3N trips.
    How much do they cost?
    Do you sleep in the wild during the trip?
    How many are you usually on each trip?
    How thick are the forests there?
    How often do you do the trips?
    Do you have any longer trips?


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