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The Homestay Programme was first launched in Malaysia by the Federal Ministry of Tourism in 1995 and is being coordinated and established under the Sabah Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Science and Technology since year 2000.

Sabah is home to more that 33 ethnic groups living in different parts of Sabah. Each district will be offering their own unique culture, beliefs and way of life. Hence visitors would be experiencing a different lifestyle in each of the Homestays that they stay. For example in the Long Pasia Homestay, the ethnic group there are the Lundayehs.

Long Pasia has a homestay programme and the locals will bid you welcome into their home. They will serve you refreshments and traditional meals. By staying with your host family, you will not only get a “home-away-from-home” feeling, but will also have an opportunity to participate in a unique inter-cultural experience that you just can’t get from staying in hotels or dorms. The Lundayeh are a Christian community. They have their own traditional costumes and head dress.